I always dreamt of living in Florida for some time, but never did nothing about it. I look back and I can only thank God for the experiences He’s allowed me to live in the last 5 months. He really does turn our mourning into dancing.

What started as a broken heart, ended up being one of the best experiences I have lived so far. I broke up with my then boyfriend and my world just crumbled apart, my relationship with him was the last (according to me) good thing I had going on in my life. I felt everything else (social life, work, personal, family, etc) was bad and that was the only good thing I had left, the only thing that made me smile for real.

In an attempt to escape from reality, from the shame of having “one more failure to add up to the list”, I grabbed my bags and went to live with my best friend in West Palm. I’m not going into details on how everything worked out and the experiences I lived there in this particular post, what I want to share now is something that was key for me and that, from then on, I always try to apply always: worshipping God.

Even more in the difficult times. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a heart break, it hurts so so much. And I want you to try to put yourself in that position, and understand that I had a constant battle with myself. Because when I was mad at God, when the only thing I wanted to say to Him was “Why God? Why did you allow this to end? If it wasn’t part of your will then why did you allow me to fall in love with him? If you ARE love, YOU did this. Why did you allow us to share so many nice moments, talking about marriage, all of it… for this long? Why? Why?”…instead, I decided to worship Him. My heart was broken, I felt hopeless, my eyes wouldn’t stop crying because of how sad I felt. My inner self just wanted to continue my mourning, I felt God let me down, that He had forsaken me… but in the exterior, locked up in my bedroom, kneeled down to the floor with my hands held high I sang “Thank you, thank you Jesus”, I sang “You are so faithful”, I sang “Jesus, I know you never fail”.

That action, that decision, THAT is what opened the doors to every amazing experience and blessing I’ve lived in this trip. That is what I want you to take with you. Maybe you’re not going through hard times right now, but it’s just part of life and I want you to remember this. Even if it doesn’t make sense, even if you really don’t feel grateful, even if you have so many reasons to complain, even if it hurts like hell, even if you have no more strength, just worship Him.

Here some of my favourite songs, especially for difficult times: Hillsong United – Even when it hurts; Hillsong United – TrustMarcos Witt – Tu fidelidad; Marcos Witt – Gracias; Marcos Brunet – Deseable;

Bible references: Psalms 30:11; Job 1:13-20


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