Bored with life and how to handle it


So today I decided to write about something different. I decided to write about “right now”. I really like the idea of inspiring others, so I tend to not share my struggles, my fears, my worries, etc, because I don’t want to put others down. I want to motivate them. I like the idea of struggling through the dessert, overcoming it, and after it is finally done, share it. Share my lessons, share my victories, share the happy ending. But life is not always like that, life is about the daily battles, and choosing happiness everyday, in spite of the circumstances. At least that is how I am feeling about it right now.

So what I struggle with today, is boredom. Lack of purpose. I keep praying and praying to God to show me my purpose, what did He specifically created me for. I guess I am kind of expecting this supernatural sign, this enlightening moment, where it just becomes oh so clear to me: THIS IS MY PURPOSE!!!!  But that hasn’t happened yet, so I get bored, I don’t know where am I supposed to be pushing towards to. I just have no clue.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I decided to start a blog, to have a sense of purpose, to be actively making a difference, sharing something good out there.

Anyways, I don’t mean to bore you and I don’t mean to start moping around. I just want to share some truth out here. Many times I share how happy I feel, I might share some fun pictures, how awesome my boyfriend is, how great my friends and family are. And when nothing “interesting” is happening in my life, I simply don’t share it.

So what I’m trying to share now is, if maybe you are in the same spot; if maybe you are still not sure about your purpose in life, if maybe you feel and think that everyone else has such a great life from what you see in social media or if maybe your life isn’t as great as you portray it out there (I used to be all “happy” and have this awesome social life before, but then would need to cry myself to sleep because of how broken I felt, so I know that happens too), if maybe you have nothing interesting going on, or meaningful, if maybe you feel alone, if maybe you don’t feel loved, if maybe you don’t even feel you have someone to love or something that motivates you, that pumps you up, that inspires you, that you feel passionate about and just pushes you to get out of bed every morning… you are not alone.

This happens to many of us, and perhaps to more people than you might think of. All I can say is that I know that I know that I KNOW that there is hope. That you HAVE been created for a purpose, that you ARE capable of making a difference, exciting things ARE ahead in your life and you ARE loved more than you could possibly imagine. We just need to push through the desserts, the uninspiring moments in life, and remember that God is faithful, God loves you, God sees you and He is willing to meet you right where you are, if only you would let Him.

My prayers lately are just “God, I know You are FOR me and not against me. I know You have a great plan for my life, even better than what I could possibly imagine. Even when some of the things that I wanted to happen, didn’t, I know it’s because You have a better plan. Even if things still don’t go how I wish for them to go, I STILL know You are faithful, You are good, You are my Father and You want the best of the BEST for me. And I will trust You.”

Bible references: Romans 8:28; Romans 8:31; 1 Corinthians 2:9; Matthew 6:6

Have you invited Jesus to your life yet? Like, for real, FOR REAL?  Just say this simple salvation prayer out loud.


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